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Partnering with Galtion Global will provide you the opportunity to leverage our company-wide expertise to find the very best solution for your organisation. Our team will integrate with your key stakeholders to ensure procurement outcomes that achieve strategic objectives while reducing procurement costs.

Our procurement services can be delivered via ad-hoc engagement, dedicated or seconded resources, and via a wholly outsourced model.

In addition to procurement delivery, we leverage our experience to provide procurement advice and consulting which includes procurement organisation/function reviews, policy and procedure development, strategy development, corporate supply chain targets and transformation projects.

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We take a strategic approach to category management ensuring that procurement decisions are fact based and structured to deliver ultimate value to your organisation.


We interrogate and compare your data with available market data and utilise commonly available data integration and visualisation tools to ensure that clean data is available and easily deployable to your key stakeholders and decision makers and able to be leveraged to achieve maximum value from supplier negotiations.


Our category management solutions can be delivered at any point along your organisation’s procurement journey or category management maturity, including spend and contract analysis, development of addressable spend, supplier profiling and tiering, category strategy development and implementation, procurement implementation, strategic partnership agreements, development of performance metrics and commercial models, contract negotiations, and category performance reviews.

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Galtion Global have experts in ensuring the contact management process is as pain free as possible. Contract management occurs after a contract has been executed and taken effect. We work with you to ensure that the terms and conditions contained within the contract are adhered to, and that both party’s contractual obligations are met satisfactorily.

While it is always possible that circumstances can change during the Contract Management phase, our team make sure that if they do arise, that the process is as seamless as possible. Our contract management team work closely with all parties to the agreement, which puts us in a good position to know whether the relationship is working or if it is necessary to pursue opportunities elsewhere.


Our team can also assist with contract administration, focusing our efforts on the planning and execution of contracts.

The planning process tends to include sourcing potential contracting partners and helping with ironing out the details of the contract arrangement. We also work with prospective partners to negotiate on contract matters such as delivery schedules, prices, and performance expectations.

When people hear the word administration, they feel that the only thing we provide is solely administrative services, but it requires a great deal of strategy and business savvy.

Engaging in a legally binding contracts is critical to the financial success of many businesses, so it is imperative to find the right partners and put into place fair agreements.

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Galtion Global will apply our expert knowledge in procurement to provide probity advice that achieves your strategic procurement objectives.

We work with our clients to understand the strategic drivers for their procurement decisions and assist them with planning robust procurements that achieve strategic objectives while maintaining high-levels of probity with defensible outcomes.

Our probity experts have experience in both typical and complex procurement transactions and are advocates that probity can be achieved in commercial settings in a fair and equitable manner.

Our team works closely with the procurement team to ensure that probity risks are mitigated or avoided before occurring, ensuring that the market and the public have a high level of confidence in the procurement activities being undertaken.

Throughout the process, we advise, review and support the organisation to ensure compliance with probity principles of objectivity, fairness and reasonableness.

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