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Galtion Global is a multifaceted supply chain organisation offering procurement services, foreign trade opportunities and Consultancy Services.

Our professional approach and diverse perspective to Supply Chain Management offers fresh insight that aids our clients to achieve a reduction in their total cost of ownership and improvements in operational efficiencies, as well as a viewpoint into the potential benefits the global market could have on their business.

Our Team offer experience across a diverse range of industries where they have actively led sourcing initiatives and manage the procurement of a broad spectrum of commodities and services.

Galtion Global has developed strategic alliances with a diverse range of suppliers across the globe and have expert knowledge in;

Foreign Trade,


Category Management,

Strategic Sourcing,

Contract Management and

Supplier Relationship Management.

Galtion Global is an independent business and is not aligned with any suppliers of products or services. We therefor can assure our clients that the advice or service offered will be unencumbered, objective and fee of influence.

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