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Now, more than ever, the dynamics of the global market are impacting business’s ability to remain relevant, and commercially competitive.

An effective Procurement function could be the key to ensuring that your business always remains viable.

Get it wrong, and you could be plagued with issues that may adversely impact your operation for years, as you battle to get it right.


A partnership with Galtion Global will provide you with access to procurement processes and methodologies that will ensure the optimum value is attained from your suppliers, whilst incorporating an effective risk mitigation strategy through the negotiation and execution of enforceable contracts.


Galtion Global strategic procurement team can positively impact your company’s bottom line through our full procurement process from aggregated purchasing power and supply sourcing.

Our Procurement services include, but are not limited to;

  • Competitive market research

  • Rapid analysis of organizations spends

  • Select suppliers

  • Strategic vetting

  • Negotiate payment terms

  • Contract negotiation and management

  • Project management

  • Rapid implementations

  • Procurement transformation

  • Purchasing goods, services or work from a third-party supplier

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